Sunday, March 28, 2010

Creating Your Own Destiny!

My whole reason for starting this blog was to create the realization that your bad situation can be a good situation. This is only possible when you start to accept the ideal of creating your own destiny. That may sound a little ridiculous considering the fact that you didn't think you were destine to be unemployed. However, when you decide to take a job there is never any guarantees. Did you know that most people are laid off because they're over qualified and are too expensive to keep when a company is trying to cut their budget. If you are one of those people who are over qualified, it's time to use your talents and abilities in your own favor. One day while listening to the radio, a gentleman called in to share is story. He stated that he was laid off from an electrical company and told there was not enough work. This man went on to work for himself as an electrician and had so much work he had to start hiring others to help. People wake up. Millions of Americans who were laid off have no become millionaires because they've decided to be their own boss. If you find another job and you are satisfied with that then congrats. You've beat the odds. But their are millions of people who are talented, creative, and have some much to offer. My mom told me today that the Good book says you are suppose to get paid for anything you do. Many off you have been on your jobs so long, you could start your own company do to your expertise in a particular field. Don't just read this blog. Subscribe and become a follower. Wisdom is power. Also check out some of these books.

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