Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Next Step...

So your efforts of finding a job seem to be unsuccessful. Day to day you drag your self out of bed, you fill out tons of application, you've even polished your resume a dozen times. Maybe that unemployment check you've been collecting is weeks away from running out. So what other options could you pursue?. Last time I wrote about how to  "Triumph Over Troubles". How do you do that? Here are a few ways to begin to put your master plan in motion:

1. Realize that you create your own destiny!
2. Think Big
3. Write down a list of your talents, abilities, and skills.
4. Determine how your talents can make money.
5. What ever you decide to do, always do your research first.
6. Make sure everyday you are taking steps to achieve your goals.

right now you might be a little battered and broken over you loss of income. After all,  you put hard work and deication into your last job only to be let down. With that being said your main goal should be to not let yourself down.As an  individual who has experienced being laid off first hand, I encourage anyone to pursue methods of creating your own wealth. After all, you will never be rich if you are busy making someone else rich. Hope this helps and God Bless.

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