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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hear Our Voices!

  • Chicago
    The 99er extension is necessary. Unemployment is actually 16%-20%. corps are sitting on billions. Congress gives hundreds-of-Billions to Big British Petro, Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Corps – BUT can’t give 1 billion to help Americans who are unemployed due to the Big Banks playing Roulette with the economy? Congress gave 760 BILLION to top 1% wealthiest – BUT can’t help the unemployed? Never in US history has the Congress cut-off unemployment when levels were above 7%. I say Fire Congress – especially Republicans – and remind Republicans their salaries are public tax dollars too! Fire all Republicans – they are awful.
  • joe
    I’m a 56 year old male and willing to work.I’m in construction and finding it very difficult to find work.Even younger people are having a tough time.I need some help.Borrowing money is getting hard to do.A Tier 5 will help out in the time of need.My heart goes out to all that is struggling now.Good luck to you all..
  • Barbara99er-GA
    The 99ers seem to be falling into the background as there are much more important issues going on right now like analyzing Charlie Sheen’s brain. Give me a break!!! All of this attention is taking the focus off of the unemployed. We need to continue to unite. Things are starting to happen and protest groups are popping up. Keep it going guys. We can make a difference. We can’t travel to protest because we don’t have the resources, however, we can have protest groups in our own communities if we have enough people. Please sign up for our rally also. My prayers are with you all.
    Here is the Organized Resistance page link and the Nationwide Rally to Extend Unemployment Insurance page link
  • Lynne
    I saw this a few days ago and it appears one of our fellow 99ers is mobilizing us to ACTION on a particular date. Since most of us can’t trek to DC we are being asked to do what we can in our local hometowns on April 2nd. As we all have different gifts and talents it is up to YOU to do what you can to make this happen!
    • Hi Lynne, I just saw your great post.
      You hit it on the head, 99ers are broke and can’t go to DC. But everyone can work together locally and push this all the way to Mars.
      This will truly be a nationwide march if everyone just keeps talking and spreading the word, I and many others including yourself are constancy, posting, tweeting etc and tracking the progress.
      It is growing and getting larger all the time.
      Thank you for everything you are doing to help.
      WE CAN DO THIS!!!!
  • Anonymous
    I am a 99er. I feel as if they are trying to send us (the 99ers) underground as in the movie Judge Dredd. With nowhere to turn and no one to help. As I continuously go without food, I wonder could I steal, will I steal, and from whom will I steal. Is this foreseen in the near future?
    The Year is 2139. The Planet Earth has changed into a virtually uninhabitable place called the “Cursed Earth”. All of the Earth’s population has crowded into the cities across the planet, now known as “Mega Cities”. The crimes in these “Mega cities” became so violent and so powerful, that the regular justice system was powerless to contain, then it collapsed completely. But, a new Justice System came from the ashes, they were 3 justice systems in 1 (Police, Jury and executioner), and they were called “Judges”. Written by John Wiggins
  • Johathan
    I still don’t see the end of the tunnel even after more than 2 years of unemployment. I sent hundreds of resumes and I even applied for minial jobs in no avail. I don’t see where all the rehiring is taking place. The other day, a photographer came to take a picture of my house after months of being deliquent in paying the mortgage. I have applied for modification twice, and they turned me down twice. I bought my house two years prior to the housing collapse, and I can’t believe that mortgage company continue to collect the same amount with no regards to the economic havoc that they created and put millions of people in misery. The middle class American is doomed; we have been slowly suffocated with no way to escape this condition.
  • patrick
    the U.S. congress and the Pres can kiss my ASS.. if i ever get the money to do it.. I will denounce my citizenship, and move to Canada.. i am ashamed of the way the Gov is treating the people who elect them.. the best thing that could happen to all of them is someone to put a bullett in each one of thier asses
  • I have added a people to contact page on my website with names phone numbers and websites for the POWERS THAT BE.Who need to know what we are feeling please contact them on a daily bases several times a day and tell them just what you and your family is going through.
  • ChrisS
    I am so disgusted with Congress over this. AND, it doesn’t really matter if it’s the Republicans blocking it because they think we are all lazy or want to offset the cost before they sign; or the Deomcrats for not fighting harder to get this included in the bill that was signed in December. They are BOTH POS and are NOT looking out for Americans, oh wait….maybe the very rich, those are taking care of.
    You can find hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to bail out banks, car manufacturers and other big business, BUT you can’t find a few measely dollars to help out the most suffering Americans since the great depression. And, every dollar you give this group WILL be spent to help stimulate the economy. Your recent fights for repealing Health Care all together and repealing abortion is a complete waste of time. Work on the stuff that matters you ignorant callous group of do nothings….
    WRITE your Senate and House rep NOW. And get others to write too. That is the only way this gets passed.
    • Melinda
      I totally agree. We are NOT lazy. I have been looking for work for the better part of a year!
      Why can’t congress do something about a tier V extension? Another few weeks of unemployment insurance – call it tier 5, extended benefits or whatever you want – would sure help poeple in my situation.
      if enough of us speak out, someone will have to listenn
  • Well according to nothing has happened to this bill since 02/09/2011 my website I created you are probably wondering what nfs stands it means need for something as these days it is feeling more and more like we have nothing. GOD HELP US ALL.
  • Cold and hungry
  • Cold and hungry
    How the hell can we all go to Washington when our cars wont start because no gas, or we have no cars anymore or a home to take a bath in or a yard to take a shit in? Someone tell me how we are all going to get to Washington to pitch a bitch about the help we need. Maybe a bus from washington – Obamha driving will pick up everyone in the US that is a 99er and take a ride to the big Whitehouse and move into there lawn.
  • Tom
    I am a healthy man 72 yrs old. I was laid off from a good job in Oct. 2007. I thought ok well I can live on my retirement ….WRong! cost of living has almost tripled since then yet Obama says NO!!!, My daughter lost her job of 10 yrs and had to move in with us with her little 3 yr boy.We now live on barly enuff to get buy. Cold winters have wiped us out with high utillity bills,Gas rates, grocerys are sky high ,but Obama says nothing has gone up! I am a 99r and I apply daily for work I have over 30 yrs experiance but no one is interested, they now can hire younger men at half to 1/3 rd of my pay exp. Not only are employers taking advantage of the unemployed they get them for near nothing, and profit very well.This government is far more concerned about billions to dicktaters than anything for Americans suffering. I am sorry to say I voted for Obama,never again!! from here on I am Independent…the Rep. and Dem. are all so corrupt and self serving That they are cutting each others throats to pocket more oil money for them selves, there own greed will bring them down, as it did to Rome…….
  • Well it is Monday I wonder if congress is going to do anything to help today? Probably not but we can always hope.I put a funny new widget on my website where you can upload a picture of yourself and make it look funny you ought to try it it might make you laugh for a minute. We can all use a good laugh they say it is good for your soul. Well going back to putting in applications and hoping for the best.
  • rita
    we paid our taxes when its due, if we don’t pay taxes we get penalized. now is not the time to argue whether to give the 99ers extended benefits or not, what if its you would you still think or would just sign it and let us get the extension. when the politicians need votes, we are there for them, now where are they to help us.

  • Great idea let’s give money to Libya! Let’s help someone else raise our gas prices and forget about our fellow Americans struggling to make ends meet! I have been unemployed since December 2008, I send out resumes every single day! I never even get a response. We need help now! Obama where are these jobs you keep talking about? Until then pass the tier 5! I bet if it was an election year you would have passed the tier 5 by now. No where is it written that unemployment stops at 99 weeks. I have worked for over 20 years and have paid into unemployment for over 20 years, now it is time to get that money back! Enough nonsense all ready!
  • Jack
    Congress seems to be too busy quarreling among themselves to focus on a tier 5 extension. 99ers need help bad, and here goes the government giving money to Libya. What’s this country come to??
  • Cathy
    Saturday and still no good news from our congress.
  • Cathy
    My name is Cathy I have been unemployed since July,2009 I drew unemployment for 74 weeks
    I received my last check in December, 2010. I need for the extension for the long term
    unemployed to pass before I become homeless. I am already behind on every payment I owe to anybody
    I have developed a website I would love for all the unemployed in America
    to join and share stories on how we are all suppose to survive this economic downfall all the long
    term unemployed are in.
  • Cathy
    I am praying for us all. another website that might be of interest to all of us unemployed is you can type 589 in the search engine at the top of the page sign up and have the progress of the bill e-mailed to you.When you sign up the sight also has a place where you can track your states representatives and see how and what they vote sign up and complain,complain,complain maybe they will care.
  • What ever they want to call it tier 5 or ext. on to tier 1.We all need help deseratly now to pay utilities,mortgage,rent ,food ,etc.were the the citizens of this great country who have always paid our taxes supported our country in war & peace.Now its our time for help,ask gates.We can no longer afford to get mired in long term wars.That are fought on a credit card called china with no limit.This borders on treason,running our country into bankruptcy & balancing the budget on our backs,flushing us down the toilet.We tried foreing leaders on this.Are some of our gov’t officials excempt.We dont want downtown cairo coming to our cities.So get it straightened out fast.God be with us all.
    • Cathy
      I found the White House Facebook page lets all go write on the wall and tell them that they could be in the same condition we are in.
    • steve c.
      I am also a 99er. Here in upper michigan, jobs are scarce and hard to find. It seems everything is closed or is about to be closed. Jobs are still moving out of state and even out of the country!! We need help not only with unemployment extentions, but also a bill that will not let a company move from its original area…thats whats harming the economy.
      I have also noticed that a lot of places that are hiring are only part-time or seasonal, so i need more than just one job just to make ends meet…..where do i find these 2-3 jobs, and when i do find them how do i get them to hire me instead of the younger generation??
    • Ann
      We as sold American’s are in trouble. If 60 or over we are not going to get hired. Can anyone tell me where I need to go for help.
      I am embarrassed to go to the church food bank anymore. They act like I am not trying to get a job. I have lowered my living to this: One meal a day, usually beans or something cheap. I find that one chicken can give me three days of food. Let’s try to help each other on tips for food or anything that will make our lives easier. I have turned off my hot water heater and limited bathing to twice a week.
      Helps the electric bill. Can anyone give us anything meaningful that will help. Thank you very much.
      • Fran
        I am a 58yr old female. work few hours a week, and collected partial unemployment, I am an older worker I to find it difficult to servive this economy.
        While politicians are fighting over umemployment extensions, I am going to be homeless in a few days.. by the time they get off thier asses it maybe to late to help me.
        But I do know so many people need the unemployment benefits to continue.. Please keep posting your thoughts and idas to the Presidents web site.. he needs to hear from us.
    • leeann
      I am so tired of Congress fighting over the unemployment extension while they sit on their behinds and in their fancy offices making thousands of dollars a yr and yet they fight the american people who put them in office mind you.. I am tired of living day by day.. I know I have alot more than some people.. I am not homeless.. I like to see those idiots in Congress that are fighting against this extension live on Social Security or how about unemployment benefits. how about that/./ pass the darn bill already.. stop fighting about it../ this is our life your fighting about// help us
    • Broke in NJ
      Like so many here, my husband exhausted his unemployment a few months ago. Like so many others here, he can’t find another job. He is 60 years old and a talented mechanic. Hundreds of resumes. Quite a few interviews, but some prospective employers have stated frankly that they expected to find someone younger. I also had lost my job, but was lucky to find another, but with a pay cut. So we live on one salary and nibbled away at all our savings to make up the shortfall. This week I sold the last few shares of stock we owned. Next month we won’t have enough to pay our bills. We never go out or ‘do’ anything. We can’t even afford the gas to just go out for a ride. Soon enough we’ll just be another foreclosure statistic. I don’t mean to be a drama queen, but I cry myself to sleep every night. We both worked hard all our lives being productive and paying bloated New Jersey taxes. For what? We’ve lost our future.
    • Tim
      Tier 5 is long overdue. The problem as I see it is that Washington does not have a strategic gameplan to generate real confidence in the market and pro business policies that would generate long term growth and sustainable job gains. In short, they don’t know if and when measurable job gains will occour. As a result, they are at best guessing on the number of weeks to extend Tier 5. If they had a tangible gameplan they would simply say within 3 months we expect reasonable job growth based on the policies we have previously implemented. They don’t have a clue! Without this gameplan, Tier 5 is temporary. Instead they choose to ingnore the millions of Americans who lost thier jobs through no fault of thier own, rather than be “transparent” as promised and admit the real numbers of unemployed.
    • Cindy
      I’m into my 2nd year of unemployment. At 58 years old, I had a great paying job in the construction field, only to be laid off in 2009 due to the economy. I don’t want handouts. I don’t want welfare. I want to work, like all of the unemployed people do. I am thankful for the unemployment benefits, as it is better than nothing. I only have 2 more weeks left and that is it. I’ve applied for hundreds of jobs, sent out and handed out hundreds of resumes. I have good skills, qualifications, and work experience. But that hasn’t helped me get a job. I’ve applied at places where they had positions available, only to have younger people get the job, even though I have the skills and experience. I’m sure my age is a big factor. Too young to retire and collect Social Security, and too old to get a job. What are we to do?? I don’t want to lose everything I have worked so hard for all these years! You can’t live on nothing. Thanks to everyone in Washington still fighting for us. We need an extension until we can find jobs! God help us all.
      • Gloria
        I am part of the over 55 group of unemployed with a great skill set and yet still unemployed. Many – many resumes have been sent, many telephone interviews but when I get to the one on one interview things go downhill from there. Too young for SS but too old for a “new hire” – hoping and hoping tomorrow brings a brighter day.
    • kay
      There are a lot of people who would love to donate to 99ers fund if we knew the money was getting to the people. Is there such an organization? If not, how do we go about creating one? People are heart broken to see our fellow citizens suffer like this. I for one, would love to help them, but have no idea how. Are the food banks taking care of you? Who is helping with your mortgage? If you have found a charity that has helped you, let us know who they are and where to donate. Praying for all of you and for this country to get back on it’s feet quickly.
      • I have a donation button on my website for my family if people would join my site and contact me I would tell them how to make a FREE website of their own and have donations sent directly to them through their PayPal accounts which are FREE to get also and everyone would get the donations made to them with no middle man to put their sticky little fingers in the money meant to help hurting families. All donations are greatly appreciated please spread the word to anyone needing help or people willing to help. Thank you for caring. God will bless you for the loving kindness you show to the hurting.
    • Nicholle
      Everyone just remember, God is our source and refuge in the time of a storm. The government is not our rescuer GOD is. I pray Jesus for every American who is at their last rope and stuggling trying to make ends meet… Prayer is power.. As long as we continue to have faith and believe, everything will be okay.
    • franko crz
      Thank You “All” for “All” u do. We need a “MIRACLE ASAP!”
    • Denise
      I am so sick of these people fighting. Can’t they just help the tax paying people here! And that’s another thing. They want you to pay taxes on unemployment! How in the heck can we pay taxes? When we don’t have any money. Are you serious? JESUS PLEASE HELP US ALL! We can’t do any thing, because we don’t have any money! Plus! We can’t find a damn JOB! It just freaking makes my head HURT! However, they don’t care…they have food,gas, medical…etc!
    • Leftoutandalone
      God Bless Barbara Lee. God Bless Barbara Lee. God bless Barbara Lee
    • Lyn
      like everyone else, I totally agree. We need help NOW! We can’t wait until next month. God bless Barbara Lee and all those who are pushing for this extension. This is an absolute EMERGENCY! I am shocked that Obama has yet to address the plight of the 99ers. Let us ask the Lord for these people in Congress to open their hearts. They’re a heartless set of human beings!
    • I am a 99 weeker, and I worked on my last job fot 13 years. I applied for a lot of posistions. when you put down your last pay rateand they see that you were making 40,000 plus a year they feel that you won’t be there long at min. wage. They won’t even call you back. I have six kids and I can’t get food stamps because they say that our income is above proverty level. I feel that anyone that is unemployed should be able to get food stamps. if you worked and paid taxes you should be able to get everything you deserve. It a lot of people geeting these services and haven’t workeed anywhere and don’t pay and have never paid any taxes
    • NoJobsNoMoney
      you guys i have an idea? lets all get together, march on down to washington bumrush the office of john boehner and eric cantor and demand our extension, thats what the firefighters of 9-11 did to get their healthcare benefits..
    • NoJobsNoMoney
      you know what will be a great idea.. If we all (99ers)load up in a bus and march on down to washington, bumrush john Boehner office and demand our extension. thats what the firefighters did to get their 9-11 healthcare funds…
    • BinNJ
      Thank you Barbara Lee, we need someone on our side!!! However, we cannot wait another second we need this help now! We can’t wait until next month, we have lost everything. Please push for this bill to pass as soon as possible and for it to be retroactive from a year ago, meaning we get all of our 14 weeks in one whop! That is the only way we would be able to keep our homes and get the things we need after having been without for over a year now! Please, help us now!!!!! Thanks again and god bless you! I do think we should get at least 20 weeks, we have been left out of the last three extensions.
      • Yes we need help very bad.Like now it must be retroactive in one lump sum.That is the only way to keep a roof over our heads.We need help now.I am 50 years old i worked on the same job for 26 years.I want to work there are no jobs here in georgia.Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Susanne
      Incredible!! They give billions of emergency $$$$ to foreign country for disasters, but don’t give back to the ones whi have worked 40 years plus and paid taxes!!! This is incredible – what about the American people? And to the loser in Naples that wants to make people volunteer for unemployment – how di u suppose we look for work and interview JACK ASS ??
    • Chedar
      Get some reality folks. The house will block the 99ers. They are majority republican. All the Republican care is their own pocket and the corporate greed like them.
    • ana
      Finally someone in politics is picking up the ball for us 99ers!!!! but beware for us in FLorida !!!! there is a representative from naples that is proposing that community service be done to get unemployment benefits or it will be denied…i do not agree because i think if required then it should be for all states receiving benefits not just some in a particular state …thank you barbara for your help, its not easy to apply for jobs (even flipping burgers) and being told your too old or overqualified for the job again and again….my stress level is in an alltime high when its time to buy food or pay rent (cause i already lost house)–i pray that this will go thru….thank you
    • in 2008 was managing gm commercial truck lot earning 150k+ annually, after 2 dealerships locked their doors, i came home to wait it out-3 years later gm got the money,but i can’t find a job-even at hourly wage-i can start up a new business, but not without some financial assistance, which tier 5 would accomplish-why won’t the government help or pay back the source of revenue (taxes) that they spent and gave everone else?? AND if all the banks and insurance agencies and all the other recipients of the loans they were given with my tax dollars have paid back their loans including interest why is the deficit at the same amount and the government doesn’t want to spend anymore?? anymore of my money-we know why-there isn’t anymore money-they put it all in their already rich, greedy pockets- ben laden did less harm to the american public- the terroists are in washington-wait till the military finds their parents and grandparents are sick with no health care, homeless and hungry-and we are on foreign soil to show them the correct way to run a country??? give back to the american public or go home.
    • anna
      wen I have 20 month unemployment I work for three month and after month unemployment is don.I;m alowut to got this extension
    • Marisha
      Thank you Barbara for trying…I just hope we will finally get some help. It’s not easy be without work and no money…
      Thank You so much.
    • bickham
      Thank you for your help and God bless you and the 99ers.
    • thia
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