Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can Anyone Relate?

Sometimes I am so exhausted from helping people with their problems. I have family and friends that literally just suck the life out of me. Everyone wants or needs something. Don't get me wrong I love to give good advice and counsel people. I believe it's a gift that God has blessed me with. I deal with people from all walks, not just the unemployed community. I can give you all the advice in the world and help you solve a few problems but if you don't change the way you think, you will  never tap into  your inner strength or survival that God has given all of us to make it through those trails and hardships. You will always need someone to help you make it through.
So I'm asking everyone to sit and meditate on your life. Sometimes you need help from others but you should never depend on help from others all the time. I take on so many burdens that when situations arise in my own life, I have to tell my issues to "go away right now I don't have time for you". I have this website, My own business, and a few other projects. Can you imagine how much time I need to do these things? If I decided to sleep late, I have to turn my phone on silent. I feel so guilty for trying to put myself first sometimes. It's really not in my nature to be selfish. Can anybody relate?

P.S. I am a great problem solver just ask and I will help! You only get one free pass, so use it wisely!
God Bless and Have a wonderful day!


  1. I can relate. You have to make time for your self. let them down gently. But what really got me is telling your problems to go away. I think you need a vacation. Leave the blackberry at home.

  2. Greetings Lissa Shevon,

    I can most definitely relate. I am the one who always gets stressed from dealing with others. Sometimes I question my self to if I the only normal one or maybe they are normal and I'm crazy.
    Since I lost my job it's gotten 10x worse. Everyone seems to think I have extra time to problem solve.

  3. Thanks Brock. You are not crazy you are intelligent and everyone knows it. Plus there is a fine line between brilliance and insanity.

  4. I love this site but I wish you would write more often