Wednesday, March 2, 2011

America's Unemployed: An Unemployment Story

I have been unemployed for almost 2 years now and losing my benefits. My husband lost his job too in the RV industray we had to relocate for work and he went to college for a new trade aand this causing us to relocate away from family and children. Now i am trying to find a job and looking for work. I have office skills and i have been in the rental business for over 10 years. Think i can find a job??? no and must say we lost our home and alot and now we may lose more. no i dont think our politicians are doing enough. they get there pay and half of them dont do anything but sit and argue. Cut there pay and put them on a fixed income and have them work for less as they say we should and see how they feel… We need to stand together and rally against this and help the middle class before we are no longer here….
- Unemployed in Indiana

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  1. Ditto.....Your story sounds very similiar...We both lost our jobs in 2008, our home of 28 yrs and most everything else we ever worked for these past 40 yrs or more.My heart goes out to you and the millions of others in the same predicrement.Our unemployment has ended and we are on the verge of eviction from our rental and heading for homelessness.Not only are we worried sick each and every day, we are scared to death to think what our future holds.At ages 58 & 60 one would think our hard times were behind us.It's so hard to to continue realizing that the days ahead might be like no other that we've lived.As we tried so very hard to live the American Dream raising a good family,obeying the laws and working hard all our lives, it breaks our hearts to see that our government has thrown us out to the wolves to die!Instead of being proud to be an American, we're wishing we were foreigners from another land so we would get treated with more respect!