Thursday, October 14, 2010

No Jobs, No Tier V and No Help for the American Unemployed

By Mary.Bargeman

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on the 23rd of September, President Obama apologized to the rest of the world for our economic meltdown. Yes, apparently, their economies were very hard-hit, and their dreams are either dashed or postponed because America is a Capitalist nation.
In his speech, Obama said, “Two years ago this month, a financial crisis on Wall Street devastated American families on Main Street. The global economy suffered an enormous blow during the financial crisis, crippling markets and deferring the dreams of millions on every continent.” Really? So, it’s America’s fault that other economies had all their eggs in one basket, counting on the American consumer to keep consuming, even though layoffs were- and still are-rampant.

It’s America’s fault that other countries depend on America to not only settle their military problems, but to keep their economies afloat, while they do little or nothing for themselves? Most of the 192 member Nations of the United Nations can’t stand America. They were laughing amongst themselves with glee when Wall Street fell two years ago.The U.N. has been a blight on America for years. America is the host nation- the UN building is here, in New York City. Some of the people allowed to sit on certain councils should be jailed for Human Rights Violations. Some are just plain psychotic jokes of nations, and all of them want to try to tell America how to run the affairs of Americans and their lives, when they can’t run their own affairs, or make the lives of their own citizens better.

Every year, there is a new referendum at the UN to try to get Americans’ gun rights taken away or severely restricted. Every year, Millions, even Billions, of dollars are spent on lavish food and drink for these so-called diplomats. Every year, the same, or nearly the same amount is spent on security to protect the very diplomats who believe America should not be a free and sovereign nation, able to decide her own affairs.
Our own diplomat, Susan Rice, cannot even be bothered to be at the UN half the time, even though she is “stationed” in New York. Libya was appointed to the Human Rights Council, and Iran was appointed to the UN Women’s Committee. Iran appointed to the Women’s Committee? The same Iran that kills female government protesters first, pays the Taliban $1000 for every dead American soldier, and still stones women to death on a stupid suspicion that should be no one’s business but her own in the first place?
The Iran that said America and Israel conspired to have the World Trade Center bombed? Yep. That’s the one.

Anyone who wonders why there are no jobs, why there is no Tier 5, where the Stimulus and Stimulus II money is truly being spent needs to know that there are no jobs because our government is busy fixing the economy of 192 other countries. There is no Tier 5, because we paid for lavish meals and security for 192 other countries’ delegations.
Stimulus I and Stimulus II are really being spent to keep afloat all the other nations of the world, to teach them to wash their genitals and thus save the world from the health problem of raw bottoms and smelly feet, and to buy cookstoves for people who have no use for electric or gas cookstoves because they have no electric or gas.

The real Stimulus is being wasted on the UN, who deserves to be kicked out of the US. The real Stimulus is being spent to fix every place but home. I guess when we all live in tent cities, maybe Libya and Iran will send us some left over camel meat in cans to feed our kids with. Right.

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  1. Unemployment Insurance is a Ponzi Scheme that was designed to siphon money from American workers and employers and use that money to fund pork barrel projects and bridges to nowhere. When the workers need the money they paid into the UI fund, it is gone. If the money that is deducted was put into a interest bearing account then there would be trillions of dollars to fund unemployment insurance and retraining. The government has turned the unemployed into beggars who must sell their homes, possessions and become homeless and live on charity. What the government is doing to the unemployed 99ers is beyond wrong, it is evil and the politicians should be held accountable. Has any politician of any political party pledged to vote for Tier 5 after the elections? I didn't think so.