Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unemployed Need Not Apply

One of the latest problems to effect the unemployed community is Companies refusing to hire individuals who are currently out of work. Many companies are only willing to employ people who are currently working for another company. This Controversial issue has been discussed on CNN and other websites like the huffinton Post. What is the intent behind the preference to exclude the unemployed community? One recruiter boldly posted an add on a job board stating ," The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered. When confronted by the huffington Post, The Recruiter said,"It's our preference that they currently be employed,We typically go after people that are happy where they are and then tell them about the opportunities here. We do get a lot of applications blindly from people who are currently unemployed -- with the economy being what it is, we've had a lot of people contact us that don't have the skill sets we want, so we try to minimize the amount of time we spent on that and try to rifle-shoot the folks we're interested in."

With our current economic situation, this will definitely prolong the unemployment crisis.  When you look further into the issue, one might even say it's a conspiracy as many companies are getting millions of dollars in tax breaks to hire new employees. However they choose to recycle the workforce instead of growing it to reduce our nations unemployment rate. The government should make it a requirement for these companies to hire unemployed workers before qualifying for these million dollar tax breaks. America, if this isn't a wake up call for us to be self employed or to start our own business, I don't know what is. I also feel companies like Sony Ericsson should be boycotted due to there efforts of  further destruction to the unemployed community. People do not ask to be laid off nor do they deserve it. Unemployment is not a disease, it's a circumstance. I truly believe that these companies are the ones losing out on people who would work extremely hard because they know what it feels like to be without work. They would appreciate a job more than a individual  who has never faced unemployment.

Lissa Shevon

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