Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taking Credit for the Work You Gave and Stealing Your Raise.

I remember when I started working from my previous employer like it was yesterday. I started at the bottom of the chain and worked my way to the top. I used my creativity to increase productivity, create new training modules for the new employees and also covered for my slacking boss. While I was recognized for my hard work, my most creative and innovative ideals were stolen and I did not receive credit for them. This is very common in the corporate world. Often a business consultant will come in to help a company get organized and perhaps even downside. They often pick the brains of the employees for ideals or feedback and get paid good money to do. This also happen to one of my colleagues. She created a new plan to change the way a particular process worked. The consultant took the plan and wrote her name on it as if she had created it. The disappointment from my colleagues was so intense that she resigned. This is one of the many things that has inspired me to use my abilities to work for myself. When you are creative and someone try to take that away from you, you realize that your hourly pay isn't quite worth it! You may be unemployed or under employed but always remember it's the disappointment's in life that fuel your success. 

Hope this Helps and God Bless, Lissa Shevon


  1. Almost everyone who deserves credit never gets it.

  2. The way I solve this problem is to right a mini maranda and if I show anyone my work they have to sign my disclamer to mention my name if they show my work.