Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Friends, (The Company You Keep)

 A bad friend can be like a cigarette something to do but very bad for your health. Join me in an overview of how bad friends can drain the life out of you and interrupt your dreams and goals. Many of you who have reached a certain maturity in life already know this valuable lesson. Friends are the most influential people in our lives other than our parents. Good Friends will be a shoulder to cry on, give you unbiased constructive criticism, and have a genuine concern  about your life and well being. I know plenty of people with bad friends in their lives and they have no clue. If you have never evaluated your friendships or close relationships. Here is your opportunity to do so. You may especially want to do this if you are in your time of hardships.

1.You Have to fit in: You feel insecure about being yourself around your friends so you dress, behave or talk like them. You may find that you have to lose yourself and be another character around them. You may also find yourself engaging in negative activities like gossiping about people, instigating situations, or behaving irresponsibly overall.

2. Misery loves company: The people that are miserable and can only relate to you if your are as equally miserable about your life as they are. The friend that is envious because you may be doing better in a particular areas of your life then them. Ever wonder why nobody is has happy for you as you are for yourself? Chances are you have a envious miserable friend.

3. A One-way friendship: ah behold the friend who is self centered and the sun rises and sets and themselves. This kind of friendship is all about them. They will only want to talk about themselves. Have you ever noticed that a friend will call you just to talk about themselves, never once asking how your day was or what is new with you? Have you always been a shoulder for them to cry on but could never count on them in your time of need? If they do something that seems thoughtful, nine times out of ten it really benefits them. For example, They might pay your way only because they need companionship our because there other friends were not available. This friend show interest in matters that either benefit or concern themselves.You are the last option as there boyfriend/girlfriend or best-friend is not available. Surprisingly they will get very envious when you chose to hangout with other friends, feeling like they have the first rights to your friendship.

4. Beware of users: They only call you when they want a favor or to borrow money. They will not pay you back. They will expect you to pay for dinner, movies, and even gifts. They will play the victim role to get what they want. They will never offer to pay for anything. God forbid you co-sign on a car or get an apt with them. These friends will use you and leave you high and dry. This friend has the same characteristics as the one way friend. Beware.

5.Self-Righteous: This friend smiles in your face and slanders you name when you are not around. They will often criticize you to hurt your feelings. They do this to make themselves feel like the superior. Never listens to your opinion because they are the smarter one. They will feed off people with low self -esteem. Often  a good looking guy/girl will hang out with less attractive group of people because they have the need to have all the attention.They will often play the leadership role in a friendship and desperately needs the friend to follow or hang on to there every word. This friend will want to steal your boyfriend/girlfriend because they feel they are better looking therefore they deserve them more then you. Beware of this friend with back stabbing tendencies.

 In conclusion, there are tons of other traits to look out for. Those would take a year and a day to discuss, But to leave you with one last thought bad friends are dream killers. They will often put down your ideals and dreams with negative criticism. In your time of need, Good Friends will be a blessing, uplifting, and selfless. They will admire you for your character, and truthfully tell you when you are wrong. Hope this Helps and God Bless, Lissa Shevon


  1. I think you hit this one right on the head. I am really blessed to have good friends in my life. Since losing my job, my friends have really made sure that I'm okay and have been really supportive! Great Read

  2. I always seem to attract bad company, whats wrong with me? I have had a couple of friends ask to borrow money knowing I'm not working. I'm Gonna start choping down on bad company!

  3. I have also hit that stage of maturity were you settle down and have a family, You realize things have change in my life and I need to have people around me that understand me and my ever changing life.

  4. My husband was laid off and his friends were very supportive to us.