Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ultimatum

    Recently a friend of mine was given an ultimatum by her employer. They gave her two options. Option one would demote her position from salary to hourly. She would still be required to carry the same work load but would not receive the same pay as before. The pay cut is almost equal to unemployment benefits. Option two would be to get laid off.  She is very sadden and distraught by this because she has been a faithful employee who has risen above many obstacles with the company, Demonstrating strength and perseverance along the way, being honored and recognized for her achievements, and also being promoted 3 times. She asked me to do this post to get feedback from the unemployed community. Should my friend take option one or two? They gave her one week to decide. Your feedback will help my dear friend put this situation into perspective. Thanks and God Bless.

Lissa Shevon


  1. I don't know...unfair across the board.
    I'd personally hold onto any job I could for the moment, then plan tactfully for a future job switch.

  2. gettheminNOVEMBERApril 21, 2010 at 3:01 PM

    If BS bounces off of you easily then keep the job. You can always work and look for work. Not mention people will hire you faster if you are currently working. Good Luck.

  3. gettheminNOVEMBERApril 21, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    If BS bounces off of you easily then keep the job. You can always work and look for work. Not mention people will hire you faster if you are currently working. Good Luck.


  4. Tell her to contact an attorney. I'm sure it's illegal for her employer to make an ultimatum like that

  5. @gettheminNOVEMBER why is it that it's easier to get a job if you already have one?

  6. gettheminNOVEMBERApril 21, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    americasunemployed wrote:@gettheminNOVEMBER why is it that it's easier to get a job if you already have one?

    Employers think if you have been unemployed for a long time your skills are rusty or you are just plain lazy. If you are currently working they see you as up to date. Probably not all employers but I bet the majority. Its just my feeling. Gaps in resumes are not a good thing.

  7. Chris, I've been in the same boat as far as thinking about dying everyday. That's what I'm doing slowly anyway. I don't eat, I don't know if I will have somewhere to live from one minute to the next. I have no family to help me. I've never had thoughts of taken my own life. I feel it's already been taken from me.
    Every step forward seems like 3 steps back. It gets hard to take.
    You do have a place to live right now and even though it's not optimal, it's still a place. Contact your local health department because they can get you free counseling and perhaps help you with what would seem to be depression. Who could fault you for being depressed?
    I've never been so scared in my life and I honestly think that I'll just die in my sleep one night because the stress of everything is going to kill me. And it might. But I just have to keep trying.
    Your dad obviously loves you. He would be devastated if you took your own life.
    Talk to someone. Reach out for resources.
    There is beauty in simple every day things even though things seem bleak.
    Hang on and hang in there. Get some emotional support.

    I know you must have so much to offer.

  8. gettheminNOVEMBERApril 21, 2010 at 3:31 PM

    americasunemployed wrote:Sad but true my friend. It is truly they're loss. I know so many people who were laid off and not able to find work and they have some much talent and knowledge that they end up going into business for themselves.

    I decided to go back to college and the only way I am surviving is off of school checks. I got some nice refunds. I pray I can find a job when the time comes. I had this plan a year ago and now its almost time to find a job. For some reason I thought things would be better by now. I may just stay in school and get some more refund checks this will be my tier 5. Going back to school is a good way to fill in the gap. Twisted Evil

  9. I'd keep the job. Most likely they'll have to lay her off anyway at some point and she can file for unemployment at that time. In the meantime, I'd be looking for another job.

    Drawbacks to letting them lay her off are:

    The sooner she collects unemployment, the sooner it will exhaust and who knows how long this situation will last.

    Unwanted gaps in employment

    Possible loss of benefits (if she has them)

    One things for sure is that people who are loyal and think that their employer has only their best interest in mind are fools. Yeah, I know that sounds bad but how many of those who are unemployed fondly remember those family picnics and get-togethers put on by former employers and then contrast that with the pink slip you got.

  10. WOW> I cant believe what I just read. Talk about taking advantage of an employee and the current economic climate.

    Im not sure if there is a law against that but MAN. I dont think Id be able to stay there after such a proposition.

  11. I would hold on to the job and start looking for something else. There are many more advantages to being employed rather than unemployed (some are pointed out in other posts).

    If she decided not to stay, I am uncertain how her applying for unemployment benefits would play out. The employer might appeal it, for instance or UI may deny them because she quit (?).

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