Thursday, April 8, 2010

Now That You are Broke By Lissa Shevon

Well Today I want to get real. Getting laid off or being unemployed can do way more damage than you can possibly fathom.What I'm about to share can really prepare you to avoid foolish mistakes. First I would like to thank my previous employer for laying me off. This Might sound a little eccentric, but I promise you will understand later. So Let's say you were laid off. The only income you have is a small percentage of your previous income. First things first,  rethink your entire financial citation. Obviously you simply cannot afford the things you use to. Prioritizing is the first thing you will need to do. For example, cutting down on things that are not necessity  like cable television. My college professor once told me, " If you get a raise, put the extra money into a savings account.You will quickly come to the realization that you were living way beyond your means just because the money is there doesn't mean you have to spend it." He was absolutely right. Though You are forced to live on a little less than a thousand bucks a month, quickly re adjust your budget to match the money you will receive each week. Making smarter spending choices in the beginning will help relieve some of the stress that comes with rearranging your financial situation. Now here it comes: I believe that you can create your own income and never have to work for anybody else again. Today there is more ways to create income for yourself than ever before. Once you figure out your talents and abilities put your plan into motion. I did it. Even though you are penny pinching, investing some of that money can really be the first step to financial freedom. Stay tuned. Hope this helps and God Bless.

Lissa Shevon


  1. The problem Lissa is people weren't thinking like this when they were working. A lot of them were mackin' it hard and rollin' in good times. When you have a mcjob that is just a bad idea. I'm thinking (hoping) they all have learned this lesson -- most won't get it though. But anywho as this economy continues to turn around they will get another chance.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Funny enough I was one of those people who splurged and lived beyond my means. Being unemployed has taught me to prioritize my needs before my wants. I have also changed my mentality from thinking and acting like a poor person when it comes to money. You see, if you want to be rich you have to think rich.There are some many lessons that I have learned, that I just count my blessings.