Monday, April 26, 2010

I have been Banned from Unemployed- Friends

Whenever you do something positive in life, someone will always try to knock you down. I used to be a member of a forum called Unemployed Friends. Every so often I would go there to update my friends about  new topics for this site. The admin must have been extremely Jealous at all the attention and compliments that I received on their forum and decided to block me from the site. There were so unprofessional that they did not even send me and email to explain why they have blocked me. All I got was a message that said you have been banned from the site. For everyone from the site that has gotten to know and appreciate my work, thank you so much you have been awesome. Everyone is welcome to this site. This is just one of the many road blocks on my journey. I will continue to overcome my obstacles and continue on my journey. Please continue to support me. My contact information is You can also follow me on 


  1. I read this blog because I think the information is very positive. You obviously are not bitter or broken at loosing a job. The article you wrote one creating your destiny is exactly the kind of support someone like me needs. I have starting a few business ventures of my own. I have a family and can not waste time looking for a job that isn't out there. Now I'm not saying people should not look for a job. I am just saying I do what works for me. If you look up the amount of people who have decided to be self employed after being laid off it is amazing. I said to myself I must jump on board. I have always been a self made guy. Keep being positive. Your readers feel that good energy.

  2. aw thanks Alberto. You are the reason I do what I do.Moments like this make it worth it.

  3. @Alberto I get the same thing from here. I see a way up. I'm trying to make sure I never had to go through this Bad economy thing again.

    @ Lissa Shevon Are you married? If not I would love to marry you. Lol please don't be offended. I think you are so strong and intelligent.

  4. If you have been banned from Unemployed-friends don't feel bad, they literally ban thousands without cause.
    I suggest the DAWU forum for the unemployed.They are not ban happy and have a decent forum.